Through a variety of programs, ERA is pleased to honor both individual and organizational achievement in the direct response industry, as well as contributions our members make to the association.

Organizational Honors

20+ Year ERA Members: Each of our members makes a unique and valued contribution to the association and the direct response industry as a whole. We are honored and privilegedto have worked with these dedicated organizations for over 20 years.

Moxies Awards. Direct response marketing’s most exciting evening is undoubtedly the Moxie Awards Gala. Celebrating the year’s best campaigns, this fabulous affair of glitz, glamour and glory is on everyone’s must-attend list. The Gala features upbeat music, exceptional dinner and superb company. Join us as we celebrate the industry’s most coveted award and the industry’s most exclusive event. Get ready to walk the blue carpet now!


Individual Honors

Lifetime Achievement Award. The ERA Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to an individual who, during his or her lifetime, has made valuable and innovative contributions of outstanding significance to the Direct Response Marketing industry. This accolade is one of the most important given by ERA and is celebrated by the association and the industry as a whole at the Moxie Awards Gala.

Marketer of the Year Award. This marketer has demonstrated leadership and success in the direct response marketing industry.  The ERA Marketer of the Year Award is awarded to an organization that has clearly shown outstanding success in their marketing campaigns.

DR Icon Award. The DR Icon Award honors an individual whose personal brand and extraordinary talent have shaped direct response marketing. This award is given to a celebrity or TV personality who has made an invaluable contribution and is well recognized as a leader in the industry as a whole.

Volunteer of the Year. In government affairs, education and thought leadership and many other initiatives and volunteer opportunities that exist within ERA, outstanding volunteers are working on your behalf to help you succeed. The ERA Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an ERA member who makes a significant contribution through his or her volunteer leadership at the association.

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