Wisdom SupERAchiever - Brendan Condon

Direct response companies are always looking to broaden their industry knowledge. ERA helps its members to do just that by offering them the resources to accomplish their business objectives. Wisdom makes it all possible.

REVShare is one company that knows all too well the power of Wisdom and the impact it can have on its business growth potential. Since 1989, the company has specialized in cost per action television advertising.

CEO Brendan Condon says that REVShare strives to not only stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, but to stay ahead of it.

The Problem
Before becoming the company’s chief executive, Condon spent 25 years at Time Warner, working across a multitude of divisions. When he transitioned into the direct response marketing space, he realized he was crossing into unfamiliar territory.

“The one thing I found when I came to REVShare was that I knew print [advertising], I knew digital, I knew television and even the cable industry, but I didn’t know the DR industry as well as I should have,” admits Condon.

The Solution
How did he solve this dilemma? Condon sums it up in one word: opportunity. “That’s just my personality and style of how I like to approach these things,” he says.

REVShare was already an ERA member and he knew that as a member, he could leverage the educational resources and tools that the association offered the industry.

“I like to manage in terms of finding knowledge and bringing it to the forefront to make sure that everybody at our company has the most up-to-date information, and ERA is the resource for us to be able to capture that,” notes Condon.

That meant attending educational sessions offered at ERA conferences such as The Great Ideas Summit and the D2C Convention to gain additional industry knowledge from respected DR experts. The ERA Government Affairs Fly-In has served as another worthwhile opportunity for Condon and his team to gain more insight into the changing regulatory environment as it applies to direct response marketing.

Yet, conferences were merely the tip of the iceberg. As an ERA Board member and a member of the Internet and Emerging Media Council, Condon has been able to acquire a wellspring of information from his fellow members. “With the Internet and Emerging Media Council, we’ve had a great forum to talk about what’s happening in the digital television space and the digital distribution of television advertising and the ways to optimize that kind of delivery,” he says.

The Result
Through his active participation, Condon has not only become fully immersed in the direct response culture, but he has also become a highly respected thought leader in the industry. “I think of Wisdom as the intervals between musical notes,” he says. “If you don’t have the smart intervals between those notes, then music is just noise. And ERA is the orchestrator that makes it all come together, which is certainly music to our ears.”

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