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Tim PearsonFor industry expert Tim Pearson, the association has allowed him to leverage the wisdom of fellow members to gain a foothold in the direct-to-consumer marketplace. ERA talked one on one with Pearson to discuss one of the challenges he encountered when he was still new to the industry, and to learn how he’s benefited from the knowledge he’s gained since becoming a member.

The Challenge
Up until about four years ago, Pearson was immersed in the music, entertainment and sports industries, focusing his energy on sales and marketing, as well as business development. While he had some experience in direct response earlier in his career and later while working for Sony, Pearson would not become 100% focused on DR until 2008.

In July 2008 when Pearson was brought into Gaiam to manage its direct response efforts, he realized a need to significantly increase his industry knowledge.

The Solution
Pearson, of course, found the answer through the relationships he forged with fellow ERA members.

“ERA gives you the opportunity to understand all the industry-wide best practices and to network with different companies of varying sizes and different professionals with a wide range of expertise,” he says.

Pearson adds that ERA offers the ultimate “meet-and-greet” environment through its conferences like the ERA D2C Convention and other industry events to find and connect with the best potential partners.

By becoming an ERA member and then being elected to the Board of Directors, Pearson has been able to exchange industry wisdom not only with key marketers and retailers, but also with suppliers, who provide insight on effective ways for marketing products. He points out, however, that he’s learned from both their success stories and the tough lessons they’ve endured along the way.

The Result
“I think it’s a huge value to have a place where you can see what other people are doing, and hear from all the top suppliers the best ways to bring your products to market. It helps me be more successful, and therefore, allows my company to be more successful,” he says.

Through his involvement in the Board of Directors, Pearson has not only had an opportunity to establish relationships with key players in the industry, but he also has enhanced his visibility as a marketing expert. What’s more, the new wisdom he’s acquired has given Pearson the necessary tools to succeed in his new role as SVP of Household Marketing at Time Life.

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